Terms of Service

Once your new design has been installed to your blog, you agree to keep the Designs by Jenn logo on your blog until you remove the design from your blog in its entirety.

Portfolio Use
For blogs, a picture of the header and/or blog button designed for you will be placed in my portfolio and will link to your blog so that others can see examples of our work. If you would prefer your header not be linked to your blog, please let me know.  If your blog is private, I will NOT link.  For photo card designs, ALL personal information will be changed to something fictional to protect privacy.  If you have strong objections to anything being displayed that I create for you, please chat with me about it, and I will gladly honor your wishes.

Although I have not lost any widgets yet with my designs and don't anticipate losing any in the future, I still strongly suggest you save a back up of your blog template before work on your design has begun just in case something should happen.